From the first day I explored the website and after a deep analysis have developed a strategy for 6-months period to maximise results and ensure 100% indexability of all the pages. I went through each SEO part: technical, content and off-page.

Going trough technical part I found a lot of indexability issues and duplicate content that made the website rank lower or don’t rank at all. Content SEO helped me to reach the target audience by doing keyword research that narrowed the queries to very specific: commercial. In terms of off-page SEO the main focus was on pagespeed improvements.


Strategy Overview

A quick overview of the steps I've been through to achieve results.

Step One

Technical Analysis

A technical analysis was performed to ensure 100% indexability of all the pages on the website let search engines to crawl the website properly.

Step Two

Keyword Research

Keyword research helped minimize broad keywords that didn't rank and maximise specific keywords to reach the target audience.

Step Three

PageSpeed Optimization

Website pagespeed is critically important and to achieve the highest results we decided to rebuild a website from scratch.

Step four

Structured Data

To get rich snippets and maximise results of the optimization campaign structured data was implemented across the website products to increase CTR.

The Results

The expectations of the campaign were exceeded and the results achieved are impressive either for me and the director of ParentShield.

+ 10 X

Organic clicks

+ 87 %

Monthly users
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